Friday, August 10, 2012

My newest creations

I am completely, hopelessly obsessed with Wee Stamps. (I made a clicky linky thing for you if you feel the need to go look at the other images you can find on Wee Stamps.) Okay, so it's a controlled obsession, or maybe it's just an intense infatuation?  Anyway, here it is.  My first digi image (see? I even speak the lingo! For you non-computer artsy people, digi is short for digital image) I colored from Wee stamps is "Goldie". You can click on any of my pics and it will make them bigger for you to see better. Yeah, I'm cool like that.
I know, I know. She should be made into a cute card. I haven't gotten that far, yet. I was sidetracked with new pictures to color.  With that being said, a lot of you have already seen "Hazel".  I just had to have her, as I really LOVE Halloween!
I just LOVE her!  

Okay, so on to the new ones!
This is "Mountain Lily" .... I really like how she turned out on the coloring, I'm not so sure about how the card came together. I am struggling with getting the card part of all of these done.
Okay - here is Lily-
I have new stamps for the back of my cards - and I LOVE it!  So, I thought I would share what they are! (If you feel the need to want one of these stamps - leave me a message and I will let you know more about them.)

It's the "work of art" stamp - and I have one that goes on the envelopes, too.
And I've saved my favorite for the last. I am SOOOO thrilled with how she turned out. She is called "Silver Fairy"  And I think she is my most favorite on the whole site!! 

And a little bit closer to see her details.

 Yeah, I'm not good at all on telling about the supplies that I used. SSOO -- if you see something specific you like, just ask and I will try to tell you what I used. 
Leave me messages, and let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!