Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baptism Invites and Birthday Princess

Well -- my boys are turning 8 on Friday - and I am working on the invites for their baptism day. They are turning out okay - sorta plain, but since the pink unicorns and sparkles were turned down (I know,crazy, right??) Sooo... this is what I came up with. Riley has been "red" and Braden has been "blue" since birth -- I always color coded them for family. We always lived so far away from the families, so it was just the easiest way I could think to make sure everyone knew which baby they were looking at! So -- that is where the red and blue comes in. The silver is just aluminum foil -sent through the Xyron to make it sticky - then I sent it through the crinkle thingy to give it a bit of texture. When I pulled it off the backing it straitened out more than I would have liked, but still wasn't just flat foil. Then, the CTR stamp (from Sunbeam Stamps) was stamped on Stampin Up cardstock with silver ink. Cut them out, and then put a layer of clear embossing powder over them to give them a bit of shine and seal the silver ink - - I hit it with a heat gun and still would smear, so I fixed that by sealing it! :o)
Now, the highlight of our day was celebrating the 1st birthday of our baby girl, Madilyn. I can't believe her first year has gone by so quickly. Here are some pictures of her this morning, wearing her princess crown we got at the party store. She was soooo cute, she wore it quite a bit today -even to get her brothers from school. How stinkin' cute is she?? (I admit, I **MAY** be a tiny bit biased....) But, everyone always says how cute she is -- that many people can't be wrong, can they??
And this evening, she got her very own cupcake -- and she loved ever little bit of it! She started out very dainty - just a finger or two in the icing.... and then---

As you can see -- things got a little out of control -- then she started getting tired - and rubbed her eyes, then the hair..... This is the final product - just before the bath! It was a great day -- even if mommy is too emotional about her baby having her first birthday! (that is a kitty scratch above her eye....)


  1. The invitations look great! You did a great job in them and your daughter is adorable!

  2. I think the invitations look pretty good too - what could be more appropriate than color coding the invites! Your pink angel is precious!
    Sandy Dehon

  3. Love the way you matched her cupcake to her outfit.....perfect! LOL She is so beautiful! I can't believe it's been a year. And now the boys are 8.........I'm sitting here remembering some of the pics of them.......they aren't 8.....nope. We lost a few years somewhere!
    Sandy in MO

  4. I have to agree, your daughter is certainly a cutie!!!! You did a wonderful job on the invitations. Very clever to color code! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Invitations look awesome. I understood the red/blue immediately. I can hardly believe the boys are eight, let alone Princess Madi, one of my favorite nieces.

  6. Oh my gosh! How darling!!!! Becky, I still get a little emotional every year my baby girl has another birthday...and she's going to be 25 next month! LOL
    You have a precious daughter!!! :)