Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frugal Stickles Organizer

I am a member on a few different FaceBook groups, and someone was selling something similar - and I figured I could make me one with little effort.  I already had the box, I just needed the plastic canvas.  I went and got 2 really big pieces of plastic canvas. The sticker says: 13 1/4" x 22" sheet. The squares are a bit bigger than most - the sticker also says that it is 5 mesh.

Okay-- I cut in strips of 10 rows and I cut it so it was the 13 1/4 inch wide, and then the 10 rows high on the grid.  Also, I also trimmed the edges smooth. I would cut the 10 right on top of the 10th row, so that next one would be rough, but I trimmed all the little edges before I started my next row. When I had all the strips done, I started cutting the notched areas.  I counted over 6 squares and cut up 5 rows, trimming them similar to how I did the long strips. When done, it left an open area up 5 blocks on each strip. I kept doing this across the piece. It won't end up even - I think it had a final spot of 3 columns up. I sure hope this makes sense.   First pic - -here is a idea of the box I used.

Now, here is the next picture of the box with the plastic canvas put together with the notches and making the grid out of the strips. I didn't get a picture of the strips before I put it all together. I may need to to that. 

And last, here is the box filled with what I do have - and more than enough room for more before I would have to make a new box.

I wrote on the bottom of my Stickles - the name of them, and my liquid pearls fit, too. Also, my TH Distress Stains fit in and my Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam paints.   Just figured someone else may be looking for a new way to organize their little bottles of Stickles, too.

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